Full range of powder and single crystal diffractometers and analytical XRF and microXRF spectrometers.



AFM und SPM Mikroskopie, grösste Auswahl von Operationsmodi und Messproben, Stylus und Optische Profilometer.

Mikroskopia AFM


Transmission- Raster- Dualstrahl-elektronenmikroskope, mit analytischen Zubehör – WDS, EDS, EBSD, Kriotechnik, Litographie, Mikromanipulatoren, vielfachige Probenvorbereitungzubehör

Mikroskopia Elektronowa


Fachunterstützung, Benutzerschulungen, Applikationshilfe für alle Geräte

Serwis techniczny

Dünnschicht Und

RIE, CVD, ALD und MBE Reaktoren für Dünnschichten Bearbeitung, Tribometer, Ellipsometer, Scratch- und Härtetester

Badanie warstw

Über uns

LABSOFT is a trustworthy and reliable provider of research, process and technological equipment made by highly-esteemed world-class manufacturers. These tools are indispensable for nanotechnology, materials science, physics and chemistry research, and life sciences. We have successfully delivered and installed over 450 instruments, including those with a highly complicated construction and stringent site requirements.


Currently there are over 20 employees with Labsoft, 11 of them are service engineers located all around Poland. We carefully probe the tremendously developing branch of research equipment, continuously improve the professional skills, and eagerly introduce new world trends and solutions into the Polish market. As an experienced and major player, Labsoft fully realizes not only high complexity and high research potential of modern instruments, but also the challenges awaiting operators and researchers. Therefore, Labsoft has committed to provide customers with individual, high-quality and complete support that encompasses counseling, assistance with laboratory room preparation, installation, commissioning, operator training, maintenance, technical service and application support.

Labsoft will consistently develop its potential to profesionally serve customers and timely anticipate their needs. We are going to increase the share of own equipment for demo and training purposes and to enlarge the stock of spares and consumables. A new company seat is anticipated, as well.


Labsoft History



In 2012 Labsoft celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The project of own application laboratory  gains momentum – Labsoft acquires new HWL-TableStable anti-vibration systems, Leica light microscopes, and Leica coating system.

The division of customer application support is formed; it includes also people with research experience.


Significant consolidation of offered products to meet new policy of providing complete solutions for nanotechnology. Labsoft starts to provide devices for EM sample preparation by Leica Microsystems and auxiliary instruments (XRF spectrometers by EDAX, light microscopes by Leica, and others).

Labsoft wins several costly public tenders and accordingly delivers high-end electron microscopy systems by FEI Company, including high-resolution Titan (S)TEM microscopes, to key Polish scientific entities. We provide a strong support in laboratory room preparation to meet stringent requirements.

The new company seat at 12 Wantule Str. in Warsaw, which definitely provides new impulse for development.

A marked increase in Labsoft team induces the idea of annual bonding events and formation of Labsoft Advanture Team taking part in sport and exploration events.


A strong development and technological progress of FEI Company, which merged with  Philips Electron Optics B.V. in 1997, results in considerable extension of offered electron microscopes.

Labsoft starts cooperation with Veeco (now Bruker) and provides AFM/SPM microscopes and surface 3D profilers.

A few changes of company seat induced by continuous increase in number of staff.


The company carries its services as Labsoft S.c. and starts to import scientific instruments. Its first sales office is opened in Piaseczno. A new sister company Emisja S.c. is founded which becomes an exclusive sales representative of Philips Electron Optics products in Poland.

Besides electron microscopy, the company provides: Macbeth spectrocolormeters, Herzog devices for sample preparation, VillaLabeco electrophoretic analyzers, CSEM instruments for surface characterization, SENTECH ellipsometers, ARUN Technologies metals spectrophotometers, Point Eletronics image acquisition systems and Cryometal LN2 containers.

Labsoft provides authorized service of Philips electron microscopes.


Labsoft is founded in 1992. The name relates to its first activities i.e. the creation of specialized analysis software for Philips analytical spectrometers (Unicam). The company also provides authorized service of Finn-Aqua (then AMSCO and Steris) lyophilizers and starts to deliver vacuum components and systems for digital image acquisition in older SEM microscopes.

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