Instruments and thorough solutions for nanotechnology

Labsoft provides the following products and services:

  • (S)TEM and SEM electron microscopes,
  • dual beam (DB) and focused ion beam (FIB) systems,
  • EDS, WDS and EBSD analytical techniques for electron microscopy,
  • AFM/SPM microscopes,
  • stylus and optical 3D surface profilers,
  • XRD diffractometers,
  • XRF spectrometers,
  • XPS/ESCA, AES and TOF-SIMS spectrometers for surface chemistry,
  • fluorescence microscopes: light-sheet, multi-photon, confocal swept-field and super-resolution,
  • testers and tribometers for mechanical characterization of surfaces and coatings,
  • ellipsometers for optical characterization of surface layers,
  • RIE, MBE, ALD and CVD reactors for surface modification and layer deposition,
  • ultramicrotomes and cryo-ultramincrotomes with complete equipment,
  • sample preparation instruments, accessories and materials for light and electron microscopies,
  • user services including technical and application support,
  • advisory services on selection of research equipment,
  • consulting services on laboratory room preparation.

Our mission is clear – to provide professional technical support, deliver best, state of the art technical solutions and high-quality equipment from market leaders and be capable to install and support this technology for its lifetime.

The Labsoft company is a team of well-trained, motivated and passionate professionals who are always eager to help customers and improve own skills. The team main commitments are to enhance customer experience, to ensure trouble-free equipment operation and to provide excellent enduser support.

Labsoft is fulfilling highest standards of diligence and anti corruption. Up to 2016 was a member of TRACE International. Nowadays we fulfill all recent requirements set up by our partners – global corporations with best business practices in place.

Selected strategic partners, world leaders in their fields.

Since the 1990s, we have been supplying and technically servicing electron microscopes – the legacy of the former Philips, then FEI Company – currently in the care of a dynamic partner of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

An important partner is Bruker – a global corporation, several departments of which we represent in the country – Bruker Nano – AFM microscopes, profilometers, nanoindenters, microXRF spectrometers and Bruker AXS – diffractometers and XRF spectrometers.

The GATAN brand, part of the AMETEK corporation – is a leader providing a full spectrum of accessories for electron microscopy and preparation of samples for them, such as polishers and ion thinners, cameras, EDX, EBSD, WDS, CL, GIF, EELS detectors, functional holders and many others.

We also represent many other reputable manufacturers, creating a coherent portfolio of tools for our customers.


Stability and experience.

Thanks to over 30 years of presence on the market, we have had the opportunity to work and create research environments for the entire spectrum of industries and applications. Our unique experience allows us to offer not only the best solutions from leading manufacturers, but also a very individual selection of configurations that will meet the recipient’s requirements and allow you to use your budget in the most effective way. We offer proven solutions that we can launch and effectively support throughout the entire operation period.

Our realizations include, among others:

  • Equipment for advanced electron microscopy and cryo-microscopy laboratories – at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, at the SOLARIS Synchrotron of the Jagiellonian University or at the CENT laboratory of the University of Warsaw.
  • Equipping many multidisciplinary laboratories at the Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences throughout the country. Over 250 devices give Polish scientists the opportunity to conduct research using the latest equipment that meets global standards.
  • Equipping the leading players in the cement and mining industry in the country with XRD and XRF x-ray devices by BrukerAXS thanks to the Labsoft Industrial Solutions department established for this purpose.
  • Establishment of the first center in Eastern Europe for the regeneration of sorption columns for process gas neutralization systems to reduce operating costs for the nascent semiconductor industry.

Contact us!

In case of interest in cooperation or any help – please contact us directly by phone, e-mail or using the contact form.

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